OK here are the photos of my injury starting on day 1 Nov. 30 2012  (NOT a Dog Bite)

Warning:it gets ugly as you go down the page.

Sun. evening. At Home. After 7 hour ER visit. At the ER I had IV's including antibiotic. Morphine (after they finally got my blood pressure up) a Tetanus shot, and X-rays. They washed the wounds out wraped it up, i got a script fot lortabs and antibiotic, and went home. 


Monday appointment with orthopedic Dr. He looked at it said he wanted to surgery that day. Went to Hospital, did pre-op testing. Went into surgery. The Dr. told Jason it went well. Said a piece of bone went into the capsule and that had to be removed and sutured, cut a tendon and that had to be repaired and severed a nerve. Said I would probably be numb in my pinky and down that side of my hand. I might feel cold and heat, but probably wont be able to move my pinky from side to side.



After Surgery.

Cut on tip of thumb

Cut on tip of two fingers.


A week later on Mon. Dr. Appt. to see how it's doing.

The unveiling.


Angie's HandThumb


Angie"s HandClose up of the bad cut!



You think that's bad you should have seen it when I went to the ER !

Stitches out Fri. Oct. 12 Stay tuned!!





Stitches out. Steri-Strips applied





Healing !



Set Back!

Dr. Went in to get interior stitches out that was put in at pinky knuckle!  Ouch! No stitch though so it can drain a little.