This page is dedicated to "Nick" and "Mauser"


I Love My Boys!

*Mauser in his CycleTote ~this allowed him to go certain places with us, otherwise, because of his osteoscarcoma, he would not have been able to go.

Thanks to cycletote for making the doggy tote!!


*The other Photo is "Nick" my first Rottweiler.





I lost Nick to Cancer (fibrosarcoma) when he was 8 years old.  I started studying a little on cancer and nutrition, I soon switched Mauser over to better quality food. You learn something all the time.  And it is up to you to do the best that you can for you and your pets.  I believe that spending the time and money and giving Mauser better quality nutrition including raw, and cooked meats & veggies, fruits, supplements, filtered water, and premium natural type dog foods. Allowed him to live a longer life. Mauser was 11 when the cancer (Osteosarcoma) got the best of him.  He did live at least 8 months (that we know of) with the cancer. We tried to make it a wonderful 8 months. And by his photos I think we did a good job. I have learned a bit more since the beginning of Mauser's ordeal with cancer and will do a few additional things with the next Rottweiler.  And one day (hopefully) Mauser's offspring!


Did you know...

Statistics show that 1 in every 3 dogs will get Cancer at some point.

Cancer is THE number one killer of dogs.

Unfortunately 50% of pets that get cancer will
die from the disease.


80 million - the number of dogs in the U.S.
20 million - the number of dogs that will die of cancer in the U.S.
1 million - the number of people diagnosed with cancer in the U.S.
60% -percentage of Golden Retrievers that  die of cancer

Golden Retrievers are NOW #1 breed to get Cancer- and consider this:
The breed's average lifespan is now down to
10 1/2 years.



The 10 Early Warning Signs of Cancer
( From the American Veterinary Medical Association)




Enlarged Lymph nodes
 Chronic vomiting/diarrhea
 Chronic cough/respiratory difficulty
Distended abdomen (stomach)



Links of interest on Cancer




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