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 I can't believe the stories I've been told! It is a shame that Vets get away with what they do....


What to do when you believe a vet has harmed or killed your
companion animal


One of the most frequent requests for assistance that the Animal
Legal Defense Fund receives is from people whose companion
animals have suffered injuries, or even death, and who fear that
negligence by their veterinarian was the cause.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

The best way to protect your companion animal is to know your
rights and the veterinarian's duties. Here are some major points
to remember:

1. Seek out a qualified, competent, and caring veterinarian.

2. Do not be reluctant to seek a second or even third opinion
regarding the diagnosis of your companion animal. There are
specialists for animals just as there are for humans.

3. Monitor your companion animal's stay at the hospital or
clinic. Ask questions if you do not understand what services the
veterinarian is tendering. Trust your common sense.

4. If you suspect malpractice, immediately seek an independent
and confidential second opinion. If your animal has died,
preserve the remains and quickly take the body to another
veterinarian (preferably a college of veterinary medicine) for a
necropsy to determine the cause of death.

5. Request all medical records regarding treatment, including
x-rays if taken.

6. If you have received a second opinion that supports your
concern about malpractice, immediately seek expert legal advice.

The BEST prevention is being an ACTIVE and INVOLVED pet owner.

Taken from Andrew Jones' newsletter

This I just happened to come across & it was frightening just wanted to pass it on.


this you tube video is graphic, it tells the story...





Case Law



Vet Malpractice

If you think this can't happen to you, think again!

Vet Malpractice Overview

Vet Malpractice

(On the left side there is a lot of search boxes for State, Topic etc...)

Veterinary Abuse Network

some good stuff, also might make you think

a blog of malpractice etc... stories (see it happens everywhere)

how much do you know about your vet, watch news videos, vet malpractice

Veterinary malpractice goes unreported and unpunished


Vet Boards

Uh I think they got something here

Vet board watch? hmmm I know some of these things are out of state but maybe we should have them here



This is another problem area that must be worked on

Dog owners, Renters Homeowners, Liability & Pet Insurance to get dog owner liability insurance



This site is for vets but see what they are talking about.  Getting emotional support for pets in law suits more than an animal's fair market value in cases of wrongful death or malpractice pets are more than just property!

3 story's from Smart Money


Dog Laws

WV Legislation


If your dog bites someone...or if you were bit by a dog.

Dog Bite Law



Book  Legal Beagle


Protect and defend your Dog (in court / preventing trouble)


                           BSL (aka Bull SH** Legislation)


Within the United States, pet owners are under attack. Unscrupulous anti-pet extremists are waging a battle to eliminate pet ownership.
  Read the Bill of Rights
Sign the Bill of Rights


Jan Cooper's Weekly Audio BSL Update

BSL Updates (Yahoo Group)

BSL By State and Sample BSL Letters

The American Canine Foundation

The American Dog Owners Association

National Animal Interest Alliance

Dog Watch

My Dog Votes


Pit bulls (a positive site)

Anti-Canine Legislation


Breed specific law info.

Dog Bite Statistics

Stop BSL

Pet Defense

Defend Your Dog

American Sporting Dog Alliance/
Topic: Humane Society of the United States on March in 2009

American Dog Owners Association

National Canine Research Council