Emotional Support Animals

We have helped people with getting their dogs trained for Emotional support.  We are willing to help with the Obedience Training on the dog.  Our Basic if not Basic & Advanced is more then enough to pass any testing such as the Public Access Test ( If you choose to do it, though not required).   We can do the AKC "CGC" Certification but any other "Certification" you may choose to do will need to be done with that particular organization.  There are organizations that have created certification standards and provide testing for various needs.  People call me and asked us to certify their dog and I cannot get them to understand that we don't do this because there isn't a US standard for certification for these dogs.  And I am not willing to just make one up.  Maybe it sounds outrageous and hard to believe that there isn't a US Standard for these dogs?? 


Training- They are basically household pets, and require no special training.

Where You Can Take Your Emotional Support Dog??  The owner of an emotional support dog has no special rights to be accompanied by their emotional support dog anywhere that dogs are not generally allowed, except where individual states grant this right.    Hotels, motels and camps are treated as businesses, and emotional support dogs are treated as pets. Housing with Pet Restrictions  The Fair Housing Act (FHAct) allows that a person may keep an emotional support dog in housing with a "no pets" policy or size or weight restrictions. Note, however, that it only requires that housing providers make reasonable accommodations for persons with emotional support dogs. To read more about your rights as a renter or tenant as governed by the laws in your state, follow the link to information for your state on this HUD page:  Tenant Rights by State Or you can follow the link for your state on this HUD page to find a local counseling agency that you can phone:  HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agencies The Fair Housing Act applies to a facility in which a person lives, and so does not apply to hotels, motels and camps or other facilities lodging transient guests. The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) allows that an emotional support dog may travel with its owner on an airplane. Check with particular airlines for emotional support dog rules.


An emotional support dog (ESD) provides therapeutic support to a person with a mental health disability, and may be kept in housing with pet restrictions and travel with their owner on airplanes. Otherwise, an emotional support dog handler has no special rights to be accompanied by their emotional support dog anywhere that dogs are not generally allowed.

Providing comfort and security, emotional support animals (ESAs) can be very valuable to people with psychological limitations. Although they may also perform some type of “work” for their owner, it is mostly the pet’s mere presence alone that is beneficial.  People who own ESAs are protected under the Fair Housing Act to keep these animals in a public housing situation, but the property manager has the right to ask for documentation from a health care provider that the animal(s) is necessary for the person’s health and well-being. As with the ADA, however, the Fair Housing Act requires that the animal does not alter the environment for others; she/he must be held on a leash in public areas, must be well-controlled, clean and quiet. These pets are not considered Service Animals and do not have the same rights.