Advanced Obedience

(One-On-One Private Instruction)



Most people today wish to have control over their dog without the hindrance of a leash. Our Advanced class can give you these desired results. The dog will be taught a wide range of commands which can be executed verbally, or by visual cue.  This class immediately follows our Basic Obedience program.



More Details:

Class Frequency-- Eight consecutive weeks - One time a week for about one hour.
EQUIPMENT Needed - Can be found under the Password Protected area for previous Basic customers!

Heel, sit, sit stay, down, down stay, re-sit, recall, drop on recall, all off leash. Out of sight stays.  Hand signals and verbal control for sit, down & recall from a distance of at least 30' away from dog, all off leash. You will have verbal and hand signal control used together or separately on and off leash for all commands.

Age requirement-- 6 months and up
Prerequisite-- Basic Obedience from Precision K-9 Services

Cost-- $475.00

Prices are per dog

(even if two+ are brought at the same time)


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Below is an example of the typical story we receive from our advanced clients.

Another Victory for Kip 3/06 (received via e-mail)

Hey Angie,

I wanted to tell you about the big thing Kip did yesterday. We were out in the yard last night playing around. I had her on her long line but no shock collar. We were originally just going to take a walk on the short lead but it was so nice we started playing, she dug after a few ground moles, etc. So I thought, well I'll let her drag around the long lead and do some refresher training stuff with her. So I changed leads and we played outside for another 20 minutes or so. After that, my boyfriend and I decided to sit on some lawn chairs and relax while she played and sniffed around. Then I decided to go inside and get something. I was going to leave her b/c Craig was outside and she wasn't too far from us. As I turned to go in she was just playing with a ball in the back yard when something caught her eye and in a flash she and the 30 ft. of lead were too far gone for me to get. I started to chase, my heart pounding b/c she'd never been without the shock collar or at a distance where I couldn't catch the lead if need be. I was getting a little scared I wouldn't get her back so I shouted "HEEL!!" She hesitated then turned and ran towards me. Then she decided she needed to chase again so I said heel one more time and began praising her like crazy. She actually came back. I couldn't believe it. So she got big time praise and a big greenie (she doesn't get those often) as a reward. Thank you, thank you for her training. If you hadn't taught me all that stuff she'd be gone. I don't know what she was chasing but I know I was so scared she wouldn't stop. Don't get me wrong if it hadn't been for those classes I wouldn't have even trusted her enough to be on the 30 foot lead unattached to anything else. There have been times when I yelled heel with the shock collar and nicked her but she still wouldn't return without some stronger shock so I figured she wouldn't come back without having that thing on. But she did. I was so surprised. I just wanted to thank you and let you know about her big victory. I'm so proud of her. It's one thing when she comes back b/c she had the shock collar on, but to completely come back on her own after being in full chase mode to me is amazing. Thank you so much.

Rachel & Kippy