Basic Obedience

(One-on-One Private Instruction)



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Control of your dog is a must in today's society. The basic Obedience class is designed to give you the control you need on leash.  The dog will be taught a number of obedience commands that can be used in everyday life. Working under distractions & behavior problems are also covered in this class.

More Details:

Class Frequency--   Six consecutive weeks - One time a week, for about one hour.

 EQUIPMENT Needed - 6 foot leash/Slip Collar (choke)/water and a bowl (warmer months)

You are taught certain exercises each week, it is your job to work the dog at home all week until the next session. Then we review the past weeks lesson and you are taught more exercises.  It is imperative that you work the dog at home and obtain the goal of the previous class, otherwise we may not be able to go on with training because the next weeks lesson may be working on adding to the previous exercise. (example- you cannot teach a dog to "sit-stay" if you haven't taught it to first "sit" and hold that sit for more than 10 seconds) You can not train a dog in the 6 sessions of this class, you MUST work the dog through the week! Then you'll want to apply the exercises to everyday life.

Obedience Exercises Covered:
We teach the dog not to pull on the leash when not in a command, Heel, Sit, Sit-Stay, Leash Challenge, Down, Down-Stay, Re-Sit, Recall, Stand, any behavioral problems. Distractions are worked and discussed. Proper loading into and exiting your vehicle, as well as properly entering and exiting (building) doors.  This class is all "on leash obedience".


Age requirements - 6 months and up
Prerequisite - none

Cost-- $375.00

Prices are per dog

(even if two+ are brought at the same time)


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