Behavior Problems / Aggression


behavior issues- including but not limited to, excitement, jumping, nipping, chewing, digging, barking, housebreaking, chasing (Animals, People or Objects), fear, anxiety, phobias, etc... Most of these behaviors can be dealt with in regular classes. We DO NOT need to evaluate your dog to work with these behavioral problems. You can just start Obedience and we will cover them in class. Please see individual classes for what is covered in each class.


Aggression- How we deal with *Aggression will depend on the type of aggression problem you are having with your dog.  A temperament test may need to be performed, we suggest this with "people aggression" of any kind.  After the temperament test is performed then the course of action will be discussed. 

If your dog has Dog Aggression , (is aggressive toward dogs) then we suggest first you must become Alpha over the dog by way of obedience and other various methods, which are discussed in Obedience class.  Then the process of working with this issue can begin. We do not need to see your dog for "dog aggression" or preform a temperament test before classes can begin.


You will not find many people if any in the area that deal with aggression.

Most behavior problems can be fixed or at least dealt with by doing proper Puppy, Basic and/or Advanced Obedience. But the person must apply the obedience/techniques/exercises and keep up the work during class and after classes end.

Sometimes the dog is just too much dog for the person to handle. If the dog is a sound dog, but just too much dog for the owner, the owner may just need to come to the realization, your not a good match, and you need to find the dog a home/person which is a better match. It happens.