Pet Training Help

Signing up for Obedience may feel confusing especially with all the information on this site. I have really tried to make it simple for clients and potential clients. But if you are still confused keep reading....


This is where most people need to start.


*Is your dog 2-5 months old?  

Yes!  ~ Then you would be in Puppy Kindergarten & need to read the Puppy Kindergarten Page  as well as Frequently Asked Questions, and  Signing up for a class/Contract Page.

NO! It is younger than 8 weeks. ~  Then you have received your puppy to early. Breeders should not let the puppies leave the litter at least until they are 8 weeks of age. You may develop a behavioral issue because of this. When your dog reaches 8 weeks of age I urge you to get it into a puppy class and then go on to at least Basic Obedience.

NO!  ~ My dog is older than 5 months. Then you need Basic Obedience. Please read Basic Obedience along with the Frequently Asked Questions Page and Contract Page.


*Is your dog 6 months or older?

Yes!  Then you need Basic Obedience. Please read the Basic Obedience page along with the Frequently Asked Questions Page and Contract Page.

My Dog Already had Basic Obedience!  ~ If that "Basic Obedience" did not come from Precision K-9 Services then you must take our Basic Obedience Class before you could take our Advanced Class. Yes everyone, no exceptions.



If your looking at doing any other offered class click that particular link back on the Pet Dog Training Page (links to the left of the main page) and read all about that class.  Please Read Frequently Asked Questions, the Contract Page along with any other training you may be interested in.



Once we receive your contract, you will be contacted with a Start Day/Time, which we try to, and usually always are able to, choose from your available times that you write on the contract. Once you confirm Day/Time we send more info. i.e. directions to training location, rules ect...



Feel Free to surf our site for more information about us and what we do.


After viewing the pages mentioned, you still have a question, and I rarely get one by phone that isn't already answered on the site, please contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.