From left to right: Bob Houck, Myron White, Shane Shamblin & Chris Holbert attending a class instructed by Jason Cooper.


The handler will receive hands-on instruction on all phases, from Precision K-9 personnel for a period of three to five weeks. This class ensures that the handler receives the knowledge to safely and effectively handle the dog in all phases of training the dog has been trained for.  The handler will also be shown techniques to trouble-shoot any problems with the dog.  

 The officer will also be required to go through some classroom instruction on all phases of training including, K9 First Aid, K9 Officer Safety, Training and Use Records, Training Techniques, Nutrition, Health & Maintenance, etc... This training also allows the handler to explain the actions of himself and the dog in court if need be.

The handler will also have the option of  riding with K-9 officers on duty to get real life exposure of working a K-9 on the street.

 At the completion of class the canine unit will be presented for certification.




After the team certifies Precision K-9 can service the handler and dog for eight hours each month (a couple of hours each week or one eight hour day) to maintain a high level of training.



In-House certifications are performed, however we urge the Handler/Dog Teams to also certify with outside Associations/Foundations.