Bane doing a drop on recall, at a demo, at Marshall University.


The canine will be trained to heel, sit, down, sit stay, down stay, and recall, on leash as well as off. In addition the canine will be taught to sit, down, come, and drop on recall from a distance by verbal or silent hand signal commands. It will have the ability to perform these commands in any situation or distraction ( crowds, high traffic areas, in the presence of other canines, tactical situations, etc...). All commands are trained in German phrases. Customizing the canines obedience to fit your departments needs are also an option. For example, changing the language used for commands, adding or subtracting commands, or training the canine to respond to a back up handlers commands.  Obedience is the foundation for all other phases of training, it must be taught well and the upkeep is a must. Obedience = Control