Bane doing a bale out, during training.

Flint during muzzle work training, with Chris Holbert as the bad guy.


A police dog must be able to apprehend a fleeing suspect over various types of terrain and gunfire if necessary.

The canine will also be able to protect the officer during pat searches (suspect guarding), traffic stops (K9 deployment for felony car stops), and while at the officers side.  The dog is taught to apprehend the suspect with or without a command from the handler, if the handler is attacked. 

When it becomes apparent that the force of the dogs bite is no longer necessary, the dog will be taught to release the bite with one command from the officer, and then return to the officers side.

A call off (while in pursuit of a suspect, the dog can be commanded to stop, cease hostilities, and return to the handler without touching the suspect) will also be required of the dog, in case the situation dictates that the dog should be called off the pursuit.

All of our canines are taught to distinguish a friendly situation from an unfriendly one and are extremely well behaved in public.

Our dogs are proofed (they will bite without seeing equipment) in the bite work using various techniques.




Flint at King for a day at the Air National Guard, Charleston.


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