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1. News Clip of a Precision K-9 Training Session Bitework -Hammer is the first dog in scene then Flint doing a bite then a bailout, and Bleu doing Narcotics Brian Oxley, Jason Cooper speaking on Camera

2. News Clip of a school search and Demo Narcotics search with Bleu, and Mauser doing a Demo Jason Cooper speaking on camera

3.  News Clip Scott Teays Elementary School Demo Nick not on camera :o(  Ricco doing Narcotics (before he was sold)

4.  News Clip of Ricco's funeral Nitro PD had a  funeral for their K-9 Ricco when he passed away Brain Oxley, Jason Cooper, Angie Cooper speaking on camera

5.  News Video Clip of Xuxa Lincoln Co. Sheriff's Dept.

6.  News Clip of Nitro PD and their first K-9 Ricco Brian Oxley speaking on camera

7.  News Video Clip of Xuxa Lincoln Co. Sheriff's Dept. first K-9

8. News Clip one of my old Schutzhund Clubs The Rottweiler in this clip is my boy Nick (R.I.P.) ya gotta love the news people  ;-)

9. A clip of Mauser running a few obstacles, 1 month until his 9th B-day (they are set very low, so there is less stress on his joints)

10. Hammer and Brian Oxley, with Jason working apprehension.

11. Mauser doing a hold and bark.