Current Available Training Times

*Not including Temperament Testing*


Fall Hours:

Starting September 1

Monday    11:30--------6:00

Tuesday   11:30--------6:00

Wed.          11:30--------5:00

Thursday  11:30--------6:00


No Classes available on Friday, Saturday or Sunday

We do observe all Holidays. 


January-February- Early March 2018- we will have limited hours (if we are working through the winter/ check with us) so please e-mail for availability or understand we will get you started when we can. See more info under FAQ.


DO NOT try to send contracts to our physical address, we do not receive any mail here, you MUST use the PO Box listed  on the contract (can also be found on the contact us page) if you want us to receive it. Thanks! We also do NO training at our physical address we will send directions with other class information/rules before your first class. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


If you wish to sign up for a class, you must print the "Training Contract", (link found below) and send it in with your Deposit (holding fee) via ground mail.  Classes will not be scheduled until a contract is received, this now also applies to Pre-Paid Gift Certificates or Pay Pal

NO E-mailed contracts will be accepted!! Unless using PayPal.

To use a credit card use the paypal option (approx. 3% will be added to cost), you MUST e-mail us that you would like to pay via paypal and you will receive an invoice shortly after.  Contact us if you have any questions. 

Deposit (Holding Fee) information, can be found on the contract. or click HERE


*Before sending the contract you must read Frequently Asked Questions.


*Be sure to have the proper equipment before coming to class if you have any questions please contact us.  If  you show up without proper equipment we will probably not work your dog that day, but "you" will still be trained.


*When signing the contract you also are agreeing to the fact that you read over the FAQ (frequently asked questions) Page and understand any further rules and regulations!



Training Contract (pdf)

Training Contract  (Past & Print)


Please give us a week from the day you put the contract in the mail to contact you.

If you do not see an email from us within 10 days, please check your junk mail, as most likely it went there. If not then e-mail us, we may not be able to read you email address properly.