Working Dog Photos

Precision K-9 Trained


BulletGlobe   North American Police Work Dog Association Certified

BulletRed   Canine Accelerant Detection Association Certified

BulletPinkPurple   National Narcotics Detector Dog Association Inc. Certified

BulletYellow   International Detector Canine Federation Certified

BulletGreen   West Virginia Police Canine Association Certified

BulletPeach   Mountaineer Working Dog Association Certified 

BulletBlue   Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Certified



Below are a few photos of working dogs,  handlers trained, dogs/handlers retrained (previously trained by another vendor), by Precision K-9 Services.  Also a few people who went through one of our Trainers Courses. This does not include Police Dogs or other Working Dogs trained by Jason or Angie before the business began in 1996.


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 Grizz and Matt

Matt Biggie & K-9 Grizz
 Steve & Conner

Steve Martin & K-9 Conner

 Brian & DARE

Brian Donohoe & K-9 DARE
Will Jordan & K-9 Eli



Dave Ward & K-9 Dago




Anka - Virginia Search & Rescue



       One of Flints finds that I happen to have a photo of.  

682 # Marijuana ~ Good Job guys!!

 Shane Shamblin & K-9 Flint  

News Clip Video


Bullet came from a Male GSD owned by Tom Allen and a female Mal owned by Mile O'neil.  Timmy trained Bullet up from a puppy during his Trainers Course.

Timmy Jarrell Completed our Master Trainers Course for Police K-9 on January, 3, 2008


Bullet came from a Male GSD owned by Tom Allen and a female Mal owned by Mile O'neil.  Timmy trained Bullet up from a puppy during his Trainers Course.

Timmy Jarrell & K-9 Bullet



Ricco a Male Malinois, purchased untrained, in OH (from a Police Officer).  Sold March 1999  

Brian Oxley & K-9 Ricco  

News Clips

Ricco Video 1 - Ricco Video 2

Oxley's 2nd dog. Hammer a Male GSD bought as a pup, DOB Oct 29th 1998, raised and trained by us. We also had a litter of pups by Hammer.

     Brian Oxley & K-9 Hammer 

Hammer Video 1 - Hammer Video 2



       Lt. Myron White Completed the Police K-9 Trainers Course April 2002.

 He owns "White's Narcotic & Detector Dogs"

                  BulletRed  BulletGreen  BulletYellow                               

Mike O'Neil    

      Mike Completed the Narcotics Trainers Course at Precision K-9 Services.  

 Mike originally came to us to put obedience on his Golden Retriever Rocky in 1997. After teaching Rocky Basic and Advanced Obedience Mike showed interest in teaching Rocky Narcotics Detection.

So after training Mike and Rocky, we introduced Mike to a few departments. Mike now works with different departments helping with drug identification as well as utilizing his dogs Rocky and Dakota looking for drugs.


XuXa Famale Malinois Born March 18th 1995 sold to this Dept. 1997   

Jerry Bowman & K-9 Xuxa  

News Clip Video 1

News Clip Video 2



Chris Holbert & K-9 Bleu

News Clip Video 1

News Clip Video 2



Bought as a puppytrained and sold. Brother is Justice.

Jason Moore & K-9s Jeff & Copper

Thor Bought as a pup trained and sold. Hammers brother.

    Larry Wingo & K-9 Thor




Dell Conley & K-9 Angus



 Bought as a puppy trained and sold sister is Copper.

Will Jordan & K-9 Justice


 Steve Hamrick & K-9 Jackson



Brian Hall & K-9 Bacarr  


Ryan Lockhart & K-9 Jackson


Matt Biggie & K-9 Czar



Sheriff Stan Farley with Gracie & Arrow.

Eric Hayzlett/Richard Foster Handlers.

          Pat King & Scotch / Personal Protection




 Frank Stover & K-9 Sampson    


 John Reed & K-9 Kita


Jesse Myers & K-9 Zak

Bob Houck & K-9 Bane 


Kelly & Jag / Personal Protection


Steve Thomas & K-9 Odin


Dell Conley & K-9 Gunner

  Scott & Alley find 150 Pounds of Marijuana

 Scott Elliott & K-9 Alley


Lynn & Crunch / Personal Protection



Terry Nance & K-9 Gunny


 Timmy Jarrell & K-9 Ray


Carl Ballengee & K-9 Kahn


Kevin Unger & Sundae


Dean Ison & K-9 Kilo 


   Eric Smith & K-9 Sage


Rob Scott & K-9 Hawk



  Tracy Landis Completed a Trainers Course October 2004 

Yara's Brother

Rommel / Personal Protection






Matt Drummond & K-9 Czar


Brian Hall & K-9 Hagen




Holly & Buddy / Personal Protection


David Ward & K-9 Astra



If you would like to have your photo on this page and you have a working dog that we trained send it to us and we will post it!  Or if you have been certified by an organization not posted let us know!!