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Jason Cooper with Nicholas Von Storm & Angie Cooper with Mauser Vom Neuen Schloss.

Precision K-9 Services was established in 1996. Immediately began training for the general public and sold the first Fully Trained Dual Trained Police Dog in 1997.  Master Trainers/Instructors, Jason and Angie Cooper, owners of Precision K-9 Services, have a combined 41 years of training experience, not just handlers experience, and are not just self trained.  Check out a little bit of their individual history by clicking the links at the top of this page. Be aware, there are people who are self proclaimed "Expert", "Master", "Professional" dog trainers, behaviorist, etc... in the dog training community.  Get references, do research, & get documentation to prove all claims!

Jason and Angie have numerous hours with the ride along program and often like to ride along with the K-9 units they have trained.

Jason supports Angie's hobby in the sport of Schutzhund and the showing of their Rottweiler in the German style conformation, as well as the occasional AKC obedience competition. In addition they have attended seminars on various dog related topics, and continue to expand their knowledge on all dog issues.

Jason and Angie also offer a Trainers Program(discontinued) for those wishing  to become dog trainers.  And they also conduct training seminars on various subjects. They have implemented a breeding program in which to offer themselves, and others, dogs for service work, and the general public excellent companion dogs.

A word about Schutzhund - we do not train our police dogs in this style, schutzhund is competition, like AKC, or other dog sports.   Schutzhund creates a great genetic pool for us to pull our working dogs from and we support Schutzhund as well as other dog clubs. But we train our Police Dogs for Police work, and these dogs will not have titles.  Our breeding stock we like to have proven physically, mentally, and workability, so yes, you may see titles on these dogs.

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The master trainer course here at Precision K-9 Services was a great experience for me. I have been in and around dog training for several years but I had never taken any formal training. I took an online course and graduated with a diploma as a professional dog trainer. It was a 9 month course and I learned much about dog history and dog psychology. However, when I finished that course it left me a bit frustrated and a little empty about several things. When I came to Precision K-9 services I learned more in a month about dog training than the previous years of being in and around dogs. Precision K-9 services gave me the tools and the knowledge to start my own business as a master trainer and helped to launch my life into another chapter. Jason and Angie Cooper are amazing trainers and instructors. They are very well versed and they absolutely know what they believe and why they believe it. The Coopers attention to detail and to precision training is second to none. I also would like to say that Precision K-9 gave me the best training for what I am doing in my life. A middle of life Career change is not easy but Precision K-9 helped make that transition easier.    
Mountaineer K-9 Services    Mike Kordusky    Master Trainer/Instructor    304-756-2561    



August 28, 2007     


Dear Angie and Jason,     I just wanted to let both of you know how much I appreciate the excellent training that I received during my Trainers Course with Precision K-9 Services. I have always felt that if I aspired to be the best dog trainer that I can possibly be that I had to learn from the best, and both of you are the best of the best! The many ways that you went above and beyond my expectations are too numerous to list. From my first meeting with you and Jason at the Nitro Police Department, to the last day of training at Precision K-9 Services property, I was and continue to be very impressed with the knowledge, training skills, real world experience and professionalism that you both possess. Your integrity and honesty set the standard for others in this field to follow. Thank you for rearranging your training schedules to work around my work schedule. This course would not have been possible for me if it were not for that flexibility. From the classroom, to learning how to handle and train obedience and behaviors to a variety of temperaments and drives in dogs, to learning how to instruct private classes, this was an awesome experience. This training has given me the foundation for a lifetime of learning. I rely on the training that I have received on a daily basis. As you are aware of, I have started my own dog training business and in the not too distant future (hopefully) will be building my own kennels. You have helped me to achieve this goal with the training, knowledge and sound advice that you have given me. You have set me up to win. One last thing, your ongoing guidance and support since the completion of my Trainers Course is very much appreciated and has helped to eliminate a lot of the questions, concerns and uneasiness frequently associated with getting a new business up and running. Thanks again for everything! Keep in touch.     

 Sincerely,  Scott Manning     P.S. Soldat is doing great! I hope Mauser, Yara and all the pups are the same.

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